Visitors to Buffalo, Oklahoma are frequently taken aback at the wide range of outdoor recreational activities available in and around the town.

From the state-ranked 9-hole golf course at Doby Springs (just 8 miles West of Buffalo and 2 miles North of Highway 64), to family-oriented landscaped parks, to the stunning, untouched scenery ountouched scenery offered by the nearby High Plains Loop of the Great Plains Trail of Oklahoma, and the Buffalo Recreational & Fitness Trail, Buffalo has an abundance of outdoor recreational activities that are sure to please.

For the hardier outdoor enthusiast, Doby Springs Park and Campgrounds (located just
a few miles West of Buffalo) is a perfect place to stay should you feel like being close
to nature. Set against the backdrop of a glorious fishing lake and nearby rolling canyons,
the campgrounds ensure that visitors really do experience nature firsthand.

Buffalo also offers a whole host of additional outdoor recreation activities, including seasonal hunting, fishing, bird watching, and much, much more!


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