Stone City Park is located on the southwest side of Buffalo. The park has several amenities available to the public including playground equipment, various picnic areas and a pavillion which houses a plaque detailing some of Buffalo's Town History.

Providing a plethora of shade trees and delightful views of the surrounding countryside, Stone City Park is a wonderful place to visit and soak up Buffalo's ambiance. Stone City Park really comes into its own during the month of December when hosting Buffalo's annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. But whatever the month, Stone City Park adds to Buffalo's appeal and is a wonderful place to visit.

Celebration Park can be found on the West side of Buffalo. Having undergone major renovations in recent years the Park offers the latest in playground equipment for the children of Buffalo
and its visitors. As well as a tremendous variety of picnic areas, Celebration Park also boasts several grilling areas, professional landscaping, and a basketball court. Playing host to many of Buffalo's major events, such as the annual Fourth of July celebrations and the Pre-School & Kindergarten Graduation ceremonies, Celebration Park plays an integral part in Buffalo society
for people of all ages.


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