Situated at the intersection of Highway 283 & Highway 64, Buffalo can be found at the edge of the Northwest Oklahoma Panhandle. The town is blessed with a tremendous location that means it is central to many nearby tourist attractions. This in itself makes Buffalo a tremendous place for a vacation!

Indeed, numerous major tourist destinations can be reached within an averagely paced 90 minute drive from Buffalo. Beaver Dunes State Park, approximately 60 miles West of Buffalo, is a perfect place to enjoy off-roading, hiking and camping. Great Salt Plains State Park (approximately 90 miles East of Buffalo) is the gateway to one of Oklahoma’s most impressive natural wonders, and offers visitors with the chance to indulge in various pursuits such as boating, camping, picnicking, swimming and hiking, as well as seeing the Great Salt Lake itself.

Closer, Fort Supply Lake (20 miles South of Buffalo), provides visitors with a delightful campsite right on the lake, picnic facilities, and the chance to enjoy aquatic fun and wide-open spaces year-round. In contrast, Dodge City, Kansas (90 miles North of Buffalo) was built at the crossroads of America’s history where the Wild West met the railroads. One of Dodge’s premier attractions, Boot Hill Museum offers its own interpretation of western life in the 19th century.

All these area attractions, plus many more, can be planned as a "day-trip" when staying in Buffalo. It is this fact that makes Buffalo one of the best vacation destinations in Oklahoma!

Additional Area Attractions At A Glance

Buffalo Poker Run Buffalo Theatre
Trans-America Trail
Great Plains Trail
Harper County Fairgrounds
Buffalo Veterans Memorial Park
Buffalo Stampede Against Cancer
Selman Bat Caves
Dark Sky Stargazing
Wide Open Landscape
/ Beautiful Canyons
Doby Springs Park & Campground Doby Springs Golf Course
Alabaster Caverns State Park



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